Thursday, 20 February 2014

Too Deep To Fathom

The sound of hopeless beings
Echoing through this void.
Light fails to illuminate;
Comfort fails to warm
Ending in an empty corridor
Thoughts thrown to the winds
Trails of light trickle down
The creased forehead
Head cocked to the side in confusion
Sights which cannot be
Depths which remain un-entered
For fear of things too terrible to name
Standing before them now
Colours aptly placed
Dull reds and faded blues
Meshed to form something extraordinary
Life, lifeless
Standing and looking
Further out than any of us could see
But shallower than any being has ever peered.
But it cannot be.
Failure to accept such a sight
Shutting down
And at once like a mirror image
Falling together into an abyss
Too deep to fathom.

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