Thursday, 23 October 2014

Here It Comes

Here it comes around the mountain again
The hint of your scent, that's driving me off the edge
Here it comes, another circle.
Your impulse strikes whenever I'm on the mend
You don't love, as long as you can pretend
Here it comes, so come and use me.

As far as I have learned
You feed off the blood of those you've burned
Your mark into, and now
You've stained us.

I know, I know the taste
And how it burns
In the night when rain thickens the air
And you call again

Here it comes, I see your eyes in the room
Seeking me out, like wolves that need to consume
I look away, and hide the new wound
To see your facade cuts like a knife in the back
And the room goes dark, as I realize
Are you anyone at all?
Or just a poisoned wind?

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