Monday, 1 June 2015

Flexing New Limbs

What is the value of a life measured by?
How many smiles you've created?
How many people remember you?
How many days you've ambled around upon the earth?
Something so confusing & out of our grasp can surely not be quantifiable by any man-made measurements.

What meaning or value is there to the way one says their final words
The way one breathes their final breath
With a sigh of pain
Or anger
Or relief
Staring into the abyss
Or someone's eyes
Waving goodbye one final time to the past

What value is there to a soul
Full of all the knowledge and experience reaped
Tainted by love received & hate mulled over
Aged like a fine wine
And eventually departing to somewhere that nobody left behind
Can find

What value is there to the remnants
Of all that you were & will become once gone?
Does the value belong to you? Or to those thinking this?
To those staring hard ahead, into the abyss
Trying to see what you now see
Breaking with you, as you, like a phoenix
Rise into the next & take on a new form.

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