Tuesday, 28 July 2015


As much as it may be a comfort to some, I just cannot believe in the concept of "one true love" or a single soulmate. From a statistical standpoint, if this were true, how many people on the entire planet could say they'd be lucky enough to have somehow met their soulmate amongst the seven billion-and-counting people occupying this floating rock? What if they were born in different countries and never decided, or got the opportinity, to travel? What if they were born into different cultures and ended up never even giving one another the time of day? What if they were born centuries apart?

Are we living under the assumption that we'll never be whole unless we find that one soulmate?

As much as the concept is romanticized and seems like something with a happy ending from the outside or to those obsessed with the ideal, it is much more a story of heartbreak and tragedy. It is more than possible to love multiple people at the same time, in completely different ways, and be torn to shreds while trying to hold onto all of them. I've seen too many examples of people forcing themselves to live unhappily because they keep convincing themselves that they'll never find better, or stuck in a marriage that drains the life out of them. It is a tragedy of the highest regard when an ideal is lived for which can never, or perhaps seldomly, be achieved by mere humans. We are flesh and bone, and flawed to the core. Aiming for perfection, and that "one true love", may prove to be a journey with no joy at the end of the tunnel. And we only have one ride there.

Maybe I'm sounding preachy now, but it's something that's always been at the forefront of my mind when the conversation or thought arises. There are countless beautiful souls out there, just as there are countless stars in the universe.

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