Wednesday, 9 September 2015

That Future We Used To Speak Of

That future we used to speak of
In excited tones
While passionately running through the lyrics & chords
Of our latest creation
That future in which anything was almost effortlessly possible
Where no feat seemed too grand
And nothing was out of grasp
We spoke of meeting famous & beautiful film stars
And the possibility of having even our own reputations precede us
Having our own work recognized by those whose work we saw as leagues above our own
It felt like fresh air
It felt like lifeblood
But even as we sat smiling
Cracking jokes and conjuring scenarios
I could tell that your heart
Never truly let them in, but for a brief few instances.
Far too out of reach
Perhaps you thought them merely dreams
Or perhaps feared to allow goals of such grandeur to sink in
Believing they would never be attained
I think, my old friend
That this is the stark difference between you and I
And why we diverged along the way.
I walked on at the same pace
Frequently turning around to stare at where you had set up camp next to the road & began to build
I called out for you to join me
For many years
We can't stop here! I said, confused
With an amused, comfortable expression, you said
But the road doesn't go any further?
He gestured towards, perhaps, a great crack in the earth, or a barrier blocking the road ahead
Don't you see?

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