Tuesday, 16 February 2016

When Last We Spoke

I can't remember the last time we spoke.

But you passed my line of sight today, online
Posting photos of your now older, but familiar, smile
Living what appears to be an eventful, joy-filled life.

I can't remember the last topic we discussed.

A hot flash of bitter something scalded my chest
Indignation at the thought of you enjoying precious moments
Without even a single thought of inviting me to join
Or a fleeting wonder of what I might have been doing that evening.

I can't remember the last fight we had.

Then I realized, going through my own timeline
And my own fair share of smiling nights out
That maybe you have, on a very similar evening
Sat bitterly staring & scrolling
Through all of these recorded hours where I, in turn
Paid you no mind.

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